Action to replace contents of Smart Filter

1 year agoNew0

I know you can replace the contents of a Smart Filter, but I am looking for away to replace the contents with a subset of the layers.

Take this example, a photo with several layers e.g. retouching of blemishes on a healing layer or other pixel edits. Then create a Smart filter layer and apply some filters (maybe a liquify). Then on top of the smart filter you have some special effects, say convert to black & white or add a vignette.

Now you realise you missed some of the retouching and update the healing layer. I am looking for away to update the image in the smart filter layer midway up the layer stack. I cannot find a way to merge visible only from a selected layer downwards, it always does the full image and, in this example, would include the black & white conversion or vignette. I am looking for away to add to an action so cannot turn layer visibility off as the action would need to cope with different numbers of layers.