Linear Profiles

Capture One has linear profiles built in, but they are not in Lightroom or ACR. I would find a lesson on linear profiles very useful. Topics that could be covered include: 1) what is a linear profile 2) when would you use them 3) how do you make linear profiles for your camera and finally […]

Day to Night

I have tried some day to night recipes with modest success. I think this would be a good topic for a Masters Academy lesson. Thinking the best way to: change exposure, color balance, manage shadows, turn on streetlights, add a realistic glow from a lit interior to windows etc.

Filters revisited

I good topic for a lesson would be an update on the filters available in Photoshop. Stretching the title definition a little I am thinking of: 1) The new Neural filters, e.g. real world examples using the depth blur. It looks an interesting filter. 2) Sky replacement, not really a filter but an update to […]

Basic Scripting for Photoshop

Something very useful would be a lesson on basic scripting for Photoshop / Lightroom to follow on from the Actions I and II tutorials. There are lots of Java Script books so it should be relatively easy to learn the Java Script Syntax, but I struggle with the Adobe APIs. Where do you find information […]

Advanced Liquify

I watched the Face-Aware Liquify tutorial which mentioned advanced topics like freeze. I would appreciate a tutorial that covered these advanced Liquify techniques. I would also like to see how to prepare an action that updated an existing Smart Filter with the layer contents below as I have been unsuccessful in creating one. For example, […]

Photoshop post crop vignette

I don’t use Lightroom for cropping as I prefer to create a custom selection and invert to define the vignette area rather than use a regular shape like oval. I like the idea in the crop videos to use the shape tool and build different crop previews i one file. I would like to keep […]