Lightroom Local

Hi Ben, I would good to have a lesson on the new “local” feature in the Cloud version of Lightroom. E.g. is this better than using Bridge for browsing photos. Could you use it to replace Lightroom Classic? I use hierarchical keywords e.g. for my wildlife photos I have full classification family genus specues etc. […]

Texture blending

Hi Ben, texture blending has always interested me, but my results have never quite lived up to the effect I was looking for. I was thinking this could make a great mini series of workshops 1) How to create your own textures e.g. using brushes and layers or taking photos of interesting textures 2) How […]

HEIF file format

Hi Ben, my new mirrorless camera has the option for HEIF photos and videos. Maybe it is a suitable topic for a Masters Academy lesson. E.g. what is HEIF format, the benefits (does it have wider color gamut?) and disadvantages, how to process HEIF photo and video formats in Lightroom and Photoshop.

Neutral Density Color Balancing

Hi Ben, neutral density filters are a useful photography tool, however they all cause a color cast to a varying degree. I was thinking of using curves in Photoshop to correct this rather than trying to find a suitable gray sample point in Lightroom. Could you take a sample photo with and without the ND […]

Lightroom Denoise Deep Dive

Hi Ben, your lesson on the new Lightroom features including AI Denoise was interesting It made me want to understand more and I believe there is merit in a lesson dedicated to noise reduction in Lightroom. Like many wildlife photographers I take a lot of high ISO photos so noise reduction is a key part […]

Video workflow

Hi Ben, we have some great lessons on Lightroom management of photos, I am interested in the same for Videos. I am new to video and struggle with workflow, how to arrange in folders, how to review and rate clips, some are junk, some Ok for small part, some have good audio only to reuse, […]

Multiple-frequency separations

Hi Ben, a topic I am struggling with is multiple-frequency separations. I have come across this concept on the web, but not been able to get it to work. It is like a normal frequency separation with a blur and subtract layer setup, but instead of one blur radius to separate low and high frequencies […]

Action to replace contents of Smart Filter

I know you can replace the contents of a Smart Filter, but I am looking for away to replace the contents with a subset of the layers. Take this example, a photo with several layers e.g. retouching of blemishes on a healing layer or other pixel edits. Then create a Smart filter layer and apply […]

Advanced Sharpening via Action

Hi, I think a useful lessoon topic would be advanced sharpening, how to use sharpening halos light and dark on separate layers and then an even more advanced topic on how to have a different radius on the light and dark halos. Light halos are the most visible so thinking of low amout low radius […]