Working with different papers for print

Thinking of all the different types of print paper: glossy, luster, matt, metallic etc. I think a tutorial on how to get the best output media specific file. E.g. difference in dot gain between matt and glossy is significant. What can you do in Photoshop e.g. different sharpening techniques to get the optimal print.

Different color models in Photoshop / LR

Hi, I am struggling to fully undersatnd the different color models in Photoshop. I am refering to HSL, HSB, Luminosity etc and not the colour modes. There is so little information on the web about these. I can’t find any info on the color models used in Lightroom. Thinking of a tutorial on what they […]

Orton Effect with Luminosity masks

I think a tutorial on the Orton Effect would be a excellent topic. Looking for covering two areas. 1) best way to create an action for the Orton Effect. There are so many ways on the web so not all of them can be the correct. A good method for the Orton Effect would be […]

Linear Profiles

Capture One has linear profiles built in, but they are not in Lightroom or ACR. I would find a lesson on linear profiles very useful. Topics that could be covered include: 1) what is a linear profile 2) when would you use them 3) how do you make linear profiles for your camera and finally […]

Day to Night

I have tried some day to night recipes with modest success. I think this would be a good topic for a Masters Academy lesson. Thinking the best way to: change exposure, color balance, manage shadows, turn on streetlights, add a realistic glow from a lit interior to windows etc.

Filters revisited

I good topic for a lesson would be an update on the filters available in Photoshop. Stretching the title definition a little I am thinking of: 1) The new Neural filters, e.g. real world examples using the depth blur. It looks an interesting filter. 2) Sky replacement, not really a filter but an update to […]

Basic Scripting for Photoshop

Something very useful would be a lesson on basic scripting for Photoshop / Lightroom to follow on from the Actions I and II tutorials. There are lots of Java Script books so it should be relatively easy to learn the Java Script Syntax, but I struggle with the Adobe APIs. Where do you find information […]

Advanced Liquify

I watched the Face-Aware Liquify tutorial which mentioned advanced topics like freeze. I would appreciate a tutorial that covered these advanced Liquify techniques. I would also like to see how to prepare an action that updated an existing Smart Filter with the layer contents below as I have been unsuccessful in creating one. For example, […]

Photoshop post crop vignette

I don’t use Lightroom for cropping as I prefer to create a custom selection and invert to define the vignette area rather than use a regular shape like oval. I like the idea in the crop videos to use the shape tool and build different crop previews i one file. I would like to keep […]