Managinging 20G Adobe storage in LR Classic

7 months agoNew0

I’ve been trying for years (as a LRClassic user) to understand how to manage the 20G of cloud storage that Adobe provides. It seems to keep growing no matter what I do. All Synced Photos is confusing to me. I’ve quit taking photos from within LR on my phone as some of the problems seem to come from that. I’ve been taking photos only with my phone app and then letting LR app import them.

I am an amateur photographer who mainly uses her photos for memory keeping. I like having all my photos in collections by years. I also use the keyword search option often enough to find old photos while I’m out and about that this is important to me. The photos may be in other collections as well, for instance by event.

If there’s been a lesson that explains how to manage this storage and still have all photos available in collections and events, I’d appreciate a point in the right direction.