Client shoot, proof, final

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Expand or reduce as needed, but the idea is a client, product, family, wedding etc. requests you to provide images, first as proofs then as final images. i.e. a coffee company wants an image for the web, marketing brochures, product label and a billboard. Create the image, import to Lightroom, edit for review, create LR web access for client with comments on, then final retouch and how to export for each scenario. Perhaps the client then asks for an expanded section to put in text, that creates a new challenge as you need to increase the canvas size(?) For the pros on here its easy, for us learning that may want to be able to finance our passion a little this would be really helpful. I welcome others comments, inclusions or subtractions to create a series of lessons that can be really beneficial to everyone since MA is like a little family if only via the web.