Action to remove “Dust & Scratches”

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Two years ago, I found on You tube- “Digitally Retouch and Restore an Antique Photo with Suzette Allen” CreativeLive
I had never learned Actions, but this video was AWESOME! Took me a week to figure it all out and to make the action. I use it all the time. What a game changer on old photos or white lint on dark clothes. Now I love actions.
I am attaching a picture of my action. I think this is a good topic for restoration, you have not done one for a while.
here is my stop note.
” Make a Duplicate layer of the Background layer or Make a stamp layer. Start the action on this layer. After this action is finished, This action will select the HISTORY BRUSH, but you must change the blend mode of the history brush to Darken or Lighten, to remove the Dust & scratches. ”
Sometimes I have to run the action again, because I missed something or to change the size. therefore I have 2 of them.