Paper & Fabrics Texture Pack

USD $25

The Paper & Fabric Texture Pack includes 25 high resolution textures, 8 frame effects, and 20-page how-to guide.



These Paper & Fabric textures were shot over the course of two years and 15 countries, as many of my recent travel destinations have been dripping in texture, color and character. We’re talking temple walls in Indonesia, Vietnamese building facades on the Mekong Delta, and city structures in Malaysia, etc. While I love capturing city scenes and landscapes, I’m always on alert for great textures.

This Texture Pack Includes a 20-Page How-To Guide where Ben shows you how to get the most out of the textures using Adobe Photoshop. His easy-to-understand style will make it easy to add an extra bit of awesome sauce to your photos, illustrations and graphics.

In the guide, you’ll learn to:

  • Identify which images are texture worthy
  • Choose the right texture for each image
  • Utilize textures in Adobe Photoshop
  • Create distressed effects by applying textures to layer masks in Photoshop
  • Use textures with text and graphics


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