35:26 Duration

Complex Mask Enhancements

This lesson covers how to perform complex masking around a palm tree and then refine the result using the History Brush and a setting known as Non-Linear History. We’ll also discuss how to use the Select & Mask feature and how to apply multiple Levels adjustments to refine the results you achieve. Finally, I’ll show you how to access hidden features to get more control over complex masking projects.


  1. Hi Ben. Great lesson, yet again. The thing that really bugs me and which I find hard to grasp, is the concept of working with the History brush and the History panel. 🙁

    1. Let me know if there is anything specific about using the History Brush that I might be able to help you with. The main thing that messes people up is that the History brush can only paint from steps that are the exact same pixel dimensions (meaning you have not changed the width/height of the document) and the same color mode (RGB, Grayscale, etc.). The moment you change once of those things in your document, then you can no longer paint with the history brush.