26:14 Duration

Counterbalanced Adjustment Presets

This lesson will show you how two similar adjustments (vibrance/saturation or contrast/dehaze) can be useful when used together by moving them in opposite directions. You’ll also see how creating presets can make it easier to work with counterbalanced adjustments. These concepts can be used in both Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw, but the presets are mainly useful in Lightroom since it allows you to preview the changes before committing to them.


Many of the downloadable filesĀ have been compressed into a .zip file. You’ll have to double-click on that file to extract its contents before using them.


    1. If you mainly work on your own photography, then LR makes life so much more enjoyable once you learn how it works.

  1. This is so handy! I’ve inadvertently stumbled upon counterbalancing vibrance and saturation and played around with combinations of contrast and dehaze (not really counterbalancing them) but I don’t have the deep knowledge that Ben has to take the technique as far as this, building presets in Lr to preview the settings and developing the combinations in the presets. It’s this kind of lesson makes Master’s Academy unique and so valuable!