54:41 Duration

Layer Groups

In this lesson, you’ll learn how to use Layer Groups to organize and add structure to your layered Photoshop documents. You’ll see how they can help when performing adjustments, masking multiple layer, or attempting to simplify your view of a complex multi-layered document.

Note: Double-click on .zip file downloads to uncompress them before use.


  1. Ben, When you merged the Owl groups around time 49.00 are the layers then gone? and this was done to make document small and so another person can’t change what you did?

    1. Yes. If I wanted to send the document to a client and also retain the layers for my own use, then I would have first duplicated the document so I could retain the full layered version while delivering a simplified version to a client.

  2. Another wonderful video! Thanks, Ben! (and Karen!) I’m learning so much through these weekly courses–and loving that I don’t have to go to Facebook for them!

  3. Excellent lesson Ben. It contains a ton of information, however I’m not sure how much this ole brain will retain. Really enjoy your style of teaching. very easy to follow. Thank you 7 cheers.