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Hyper-Smart Workflow

This lesson shows how you can substitute a Smart Preview from¬†Lightroom when you don’t have access to an original image. Then, in Photoshop, you can use a Linked Smart Object to use that Smart Preview as a placeholder for the full resolution raw file.¬†Once you have access to the original file, then your layered Photoshop file can update to swap the low resolution Smart Preview for the original raw file.


  1. Clever work around. Of course, if you knew that you needed to work on this image before your flight, easy solution would’ve been to put the full resolution images on your internal hard drive. better yet, why not store your full resolution raw images on portable bus powered USB drives which should be, remarkably inexpensive. (I just bought two 4 Terrabyte USB3.0 portable bus powered drives at Costco for $99 each.) I just plug these into my laptop during a flight, and no longer build smart previews.

  2. Strange that it would be exact in one dimension and off by a single pixel in the other. I assume this has something to do with the conversion of the smart preview to a JPEG.

  3. thank you very much for the excellent tip , does it matter in this case when you save as smart preview ,which option you choose ( minimum.standard,embded ,..)?

    1. There aren’t any choices when creating a Smart Preview… you either turn on a checkbox when importing (the other preview options are independent of Smart Previews), or you select and image and add a smart preview via the Library>Previews submenu.

  4. I was traveling last week and was using Smart Previews to do much of my LR editing but didn’t go into PS because I didn’t have the originals. Thanks for the trick learned here so that next time I can be “Hyper-Smart” when I need to take an image into PS.