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Understanding Color Modes

In this lesson I describe all the choices found under the Image>Mode submenu. You’ll learn when to use RGB, when CMYK should be used, what Lab mode is for and when you might want to choose a different mode then you’re used to.


  1. Hello all. I believe they chose the letter “K” in CMYK as it is the last letter in the word “black”, since choosing “B” would interfere with the B for blue in RGB mode. Just my 2 cents worth. Have a great weekend everyone

    1. Many people claim that K stands for “key” as the black plate when printing is sometimes the ink color that all the others are aligned with to achieve proper registration. Others claim that some people call Cyan Blue and therefore might be confused if black was represented with a B (same with B in RGB for Blue). I don’t know where to find a definitive answer.

  2. Great! This is my first try at watching your video’s online. You are a great instructor! Always on the level I can understand and always answering questions I’ve always had.

    1. The handbooks are my wife Karen’s work. She’s working on them for upcoming lessons right now. Glad to hear you enjoy them.