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29:21 Duration

Pen Tool Reconstruction

In this lesson I’ll show you how I had to get creative when retouching an image. I ended up having to reconstruct a portion of a rooftop and ended up using the pen tool in an unusual way. I hope this lesson convinces you that it’s best to have a rounded education in Photoshop so that you can deviate from the standard tools when you run into a challenge.


  1. I’m new to both photography and to photoshop, but with your courses, Ben, I’m beginning to find my feet. Seeing interesting ways to view PS is helping to reveal that once lost photos, now have a chance to become possible keepers. Thanks, Ben.

  2. Nice one Ben, especially aligning the lines created with the pen tool and then warping them, never did so with paths as I never thought of using this technique on them.

  3. After watching this episode and seeing the practice image available to download then I have delightfully discovered that you two are also offering pdfs for some of the classes. Oh thank you so much, this will really help when we go back to practice these techniques!! Thank you Ben and Karen both!! You are the best!!

    1. We hope to include pdf companion guides for all future lessons. We might eventually make it through the lesson archives as well, but that will take some time.