37:50 Duration

Puppet Warped Retouch

In this lesson, I’ll show how the puppet warp feature can be used when retouching a complex image.


  1. Hi Ben, After seeing several of your videos on YouTube, I decided to subscribe to your Masters Academy. This is the first video I have watched and I must say it is great. You are a very good instructor. I look forward to watching all your videos. Thanks, and keep up the good work.

  2. Great web site and the vids all in one place. The pdfs are also good. However can you just put the circular logo on the first page as you use a lot of ink to darken? thx

    1. Hi Bill,

      It sounds like you might be printing the PDF companion guides and you’re not wanting to waste too much ink when printing the cover of the handbook. Point well taken… I’ll tell my wife Karen and see if she might consider an adjustment to the design for future PDFs.

      I hope I interpreted what you were referring to correctly.

  3. Hi Ben, this is great. I remember you teaching this during your course ‘PS The Complete Guide,’ thank you for revisiting this subject. Fantastic Website, congradulations on such a fantastic job.

    1. Puppet warping can be both fun and useful… I find it just as useful for retouching as I do for creative uses.