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This is the first in a series of what I call Photoshop Fundamentals. It’s where I’m not trying to teach you a specific technique, but instead attempting to inform you about a fundamental feature that is essential to understanding Photoshop at a deep level. We’ll have to cover 4-5 of these fundamentals before we can start to combine the ideas together to get into deeper concepts in Photoshop.


  1. Ben, I really am starting to understand more about Photoshop. Now I understand all photography is just shades of gray and that the output devices (monitor and print paper) deliver the color. This was an eye opener.

  2. A request for Karen; please could you make us a pdf of this lesson?! It is such a fundamental subject and skillset and I, for one, would use it a lot!

    1. Hopefully we’ll eventually have one for that lesson. Karen is busy working on upcoming lessons and the Learn to Love series before we continues trying to tackle the archive of lessons. That means It will likely take a while before there is a PDF for that lesson.