MA_Understanding Apply Image

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30:30 Duration

Understanding Apply Image

In this lesson I show you how the Image>Apply Image command works in Photoshop. It can be used to move an image between layers, channels or masks while incorporating blending modes, opacity and a mask. We’ll end up using this feature more in future lessons, so I wanted to make sure you were familiar with all of its features. 

There are some audio and video issues with this lesson that I have to apologize for. One of my cameras drifted out of focus right as I was starting to shoot and there was a slight buzz in the audio. I did not have time to reshoot the video before the normal posting time. I will attempt to improve the audio as I learn how to do so. I’m learning a new-to-me editing program called DaVinci Resolve, which should ultimately allow me to produce much higher quality video captures in the future once I get over the learning curve.