20:32 Duration

Sunset Tricks

In this lesson you’ll learn a bunch of tricks related to optimizing sunrise and sunset images. You’ll see how highlight and shadow detail and white balance play a big role in adjusting this type of image. That’s when you’ll realize that the Highlights slider isn’t always the best slider to adjust the bright portion of an image and which sliders you might want to substitute to achieve better results. You’ll also learn how to use the  Graduated Filter and Adjustment Brush in Adobe Camera Raw (or Lightroom) to optimize isolated areas in the image.

If you download the practice image for this lesson, be sure to inspect the Snapshots that have been saved with the image and watch the section of that name in the clickable table of contents so you can reverse engineer my adjustments.

Note: The downloadable practice image for this lesson has been compressed into a .zip archive. You’ll need to double-click on it to expand its contents before attempting to use the image in Photoshop or Lightroom.

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