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Stylize a Logo

In this lesson, I transform the logo that we created last week and take it further by adding a hint of dimension to the text. I also show how to make it look as if the text is multi-layered so that areas where lines intersect appear to be above or below each other instead of at the same height. Since this lesson is long and much of what I do is repetitive, consider using the clickable table of contents to the right of the video to skip forward to sections that are more unique once you get a feeling for the general technique. You’ll find subsections to some of the table of contents entries that will only appear when you’re viewing a particular section of the video.

Note: The downloadable practice file for this lesson has been compressed into a .ZIP archive (because our web site does not support file format that was used). You’ll need to double-click on the file after download to extract its contents before attempting to use the image in Photoshop.