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35:03 Duration

Selection Practice & Tips

In this lesson we’ll practice the process of making and modifying selections and masks and explore some tips that can make the process easier.

Note: Near the end of the lesson, I work on making a purple fringing at the edge of some columns less noticeable. Such issues can most commonly be fixed by turning on the Chromatic Aberrations checkbox in the Optics section of ACR or Lightroom. That particular setting was turned on for this image. Had I noticed the issue while I was still in Lightroom, then I would have considered using a masked adjustment to the edges and increase the Defringe slider. Just wanted to mention it here so you didn’t assume that I had neglected to turn on the Chromatic Aberrations checkbox since it was the first thing I checked when I noticed the issue.

Note II: I gave this video to Karen right before it was posted so it will likely take her a day or two before the downloadable PDF companion guide becomes available.