MA_QandA 2


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32:39 Duration

Q&A: Background to S.O., Resize in PS or web, Challenge

This is the second installment of a new series of videos where I answer questions that have been submitted by Masters Academy members. In this installment, we’ll discuss the following questions:

1) Duplicate background layer, or convert to Smart Object? Any advantage to S.O.?

2) Resize and crop in Photoshop, or on printing company web site?

3) Challenge Image: retouch

Note: I changed up some of my hardware setup and didn’t realize that it may of changed the appearance of how my computer screen is rendered in videos. You’ll likely notice that the bright areas of the images I worked on appeared to be brighter than they should have been. I’ll attempt to trouble shoot why that happened and find a fix for it before the next less is recorded.