51:26 Duration

PS Keyboard Challenge

In this lesson, Ben accepts the challenge to work in Photoshop using only his keyboard. Zero mice, trackpads or tablets were used for a full 50 minutes. This included opening images, launching Lightroom and moving images to Photoshop, creating layers that are organized into groups and have layer styles and more. I even did a luminosity mask in the process of creating a complex document. I hope you learn a few keyboard shortcuts when you watch this lesson.

This lesson was created for an odd reason. When I added the Suggestions page to the Masters Academy web site, I needed to add one suggestion to both test the page and to make sure it wasn’t completely empty when people started to visit the page. So, I typed up somewhat of a joke entry where I suggested that I wanted a lesson where I could only use my keyboard. That suggestion got upvoted by other members and become the second most upvoted suggestion. So, this week when I was deciding what you teach, I went to the suggestions page and chose a popular topic and just winged it.

Note: There are no downloadable practice images available for this lesson.

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