40:49 Duration

Optimized for Instagram

In this lesson, I supply you with some useful actions, presets and templates for use when exporting images for Instagram. I also discuss how to achieve more vivid colors and insure that your image will remain sharp when posting to Instagram.

Note: The downloadable files for this lesson have been compressed into a .zip archive. You’ll need to double-click on the file after download to extract its contents before using the files in Photoshop or Lightroom Classic.

At 9:05 in the video I mentioned a test file. You can drag the “Drag to Web Browser to see if you have a wide color display.png” file that is included in the downloads to your web browser to see if you can see the RGBCMY lettering inside the file, which would indicate you’re viewing it on a wide color display.

Here are some further resources for reading up on the limitations of posting to Instagram directly from the folks who created the site:

Image Resolution and Aspect Ratio Limitations

Wide Color Implementation