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Previewing, Opening, Resizing, and Saving Images

Before you can even think about changing the look of your image using Photoshop, you must know how to preview a folder full of images, choose the name of your files and choose the best image to work with. After you have an image open, you should become familiar with the concept of resolution and which files formats you should use when saving an image. You’ll see how you can start using either Adobe Bridge or Adobe Lightroom as the first step before you even open an image into Photoshop.


  1. One more question. I see that the first free video is over an hour long. I like that, Can you tell me the difference in the Learning to love Photography and the membership, pros and cons and pricing. Im really considering doing this as long as its in my price range also if I dont watch the first video on the day Im supposed to will it be there for me in a couple days. I am a photographer with some Photoshop experience, I cannot commit to certain days. Its the free one Im asking about the dates. Thank you.

    1. Any dates mentioned should just be when you gain access to the class, but I don’t think there is a limit for when you can watch it even when it is free. If you purchase, then you have lifetime access to all the videos in learn to love. The membership lets you watch learn to love plus dozens of other videos plus a new video each week for as long as you’re a member… but you lose access to everything if you allow your membership to lapse.

  2. If I purchase the entire package is it accessible for a long time so I can can go back and forth. How many times can we utilize our purchase? Thanks , Corina

    1. If you’re referring to the Learn to Love Photoshop course, then you’re purchasing lifetime access. You’ll be able to watch all the lessons as many times as you want… the only thing that’s required is an active internet connection. If you’re referring to a Masters Academy membership (which includes access to the Learn to Love PS class), then you’ll have access for as long as your membership remains active.

  3. Very nice introduction. Only wish is that you either put the times for specific content on the side or separate the Bridge and Lightroom into sub videos. I am a Lightroom person and had to watch the whole Bridge part of video waiting on Lightroom. times would be great also so if I just wanted to come back and see a specific thing I forgot I could just scroll to that time in the video and watch instead of searching for it. Other than that great video.

    1. Hi Wendy. You should see a clickable table of contents to the right of the video. That’s where you can click on Bridge Essentials or Lightroom Essentials to skip to those sections. Let me know if that’s now showing up (or working) on your end. -Ben

    2. Thanks Ben, I never even thought to scroll over and see if that was a menu. ‘bangs head on desk’