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May Masters Academy Announcements

This video describes all the changes to the Masters Academy web site that were released on May 22nd.

Refer to the clickable table of contents to the right of the video for an overview of what is covered in this video.

Please let us know your opinion about the evolution of Masters Academy and let us know about any feature requests you’d like us to add to our list for the next time we revise the site (we know you want offline viewing).


  1. WOW! This is an amazing transformation! The organization and options for search are great–especially if one is looking for a particular tool or skill. The 30 seconds back is something I’ll use often! The notes option is also a fine idea. The new look is so professionally done!
    The only thing I’d wish for is Sonia’s request that members be able to download the lessons. While I realize there are copyright concerns, I have a very quirky broadband (“narrow”band, sometimes) and I get cut off from the video.
    Bottom line, though, congratulations to all who worked on this transformation, especially you and Karen, whose ideas made it so effective.

    1. We’re very aware that people want to be able to watch lessons while offline… that will take a considerable effort, but I want to provide it eventually. I often travel via plane and cruise ship with little or no net connection, so I totally understand the desire.

  2. This is simply AWESOME! Thanks Ben and Karen and the team, I can guess the amount of work you had to go through to produce this new system. Thanks a million. <3

  3. Brilliant! The organization nut in me is thrilled while the creative side is sighing relief. Now I can easily find what I need and just get on with it. Thank you! I still would like the ability to download the video for when internet access is not available (yes, there are areas of the world like that), but, otherwise, I am a very happy subscriber.