MA_Feb2018 LR Release 7.2

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February 2018 Lightroom Release 7.2

With this release of Lightroom, you’ll find further performance improvements, new collection and folder options and new filtering options.

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Errata: I had an error in the slideshow that I used in this lesson which caused me to indicate that this update was released in October instead of February.

Addendum: If you select multiple folders and then mark them as favorites, you will not be able to unmark an individual one of those folders afterward. If you try, you’ll receive an error of “Folders marked as favorite as group should be unmarked together.” I think this is amazingly dumb since it is not obvious how you can figure out which folders you had selected at the time you marked them as a favorite (especially if it was done as part of a folder search). Here’s how you can figure it out:
1) click on the folder with in the Folder list that you’d like to unmark as a favorite
2) open the Filmstrip at the bottom of your screen
3) click on the name of the folder within the horizontal bar directly above the Filmstrip
4) in the resulting pop-up menu choose from the choices under the Favorite Sources heading

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