Layer Masks - Practice Files

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1:05:37 Duration

Layer Masks

Gain versatility by learning how to use layer masks in order to temporarily hide areas of a layer instead of deleting them permanently.  When you use a Layer Mask, all the changes you make can easily be undone or modified even months later. This will encourage experimentation since you know that nothing you do is permanent. In the process, you’ll learn how to combine multiple images into a seamless composite.


  1. From minute 40 through 1:05 (end) we just see you and your computer – we can’t see the computer screen. It’s like having an audio recording and closing my eyes, I can imagine what I would see if I could see the screen.

    1. I noticed that yesterday and asked the video editor to re-edit the lesson to show my screen when needed after minute 40. He said he had to find the original footage in his archives and hopes to be able to fix it by the end of the week. That means we might get it posted by Monday. Sorry about that… I know it’s hard to learn Photoshop when you can’t see my screen. Thanks for bringing it to our attention and please let me know if you notice any other issues with any of the lessons. If you notice anything else, please email since that makes it much easier to forward things to the rest of our production team.

    2. The video has finally been fixed so that you can see my screen after the 40 minute mark. Sorry it took a while to get it updated.