28:44 Duration

Learn to Love Photoshop

We’ll start by giving you an idea of what Photoshop is capable of. Then, we’ll show you which tasks would be better accomplished by using programs other than Photoshop so you can better manage your processing time. Next, we’ll take a look at the overall mindset and workflow you might use when taking an image from start to finish, and we’ll finish up with a tutorial on how to install Photoshop.


  1. Bravo – what an innovative product to create and offer to the creative community! I’m already a fan from CreativeLive. Are you going to do a series called “Learn to Love Illustrator” and “Learn to Love InDesign?” If so, I’m all for it! I like how you explain and show how and why you do things in the program.

    1. I doubt I’ll do InDesign and Illustrator unless I partner with an expert on each of those topics, since they are not things that I use everyday.

  2. Is this the same as what we got from your classes on Creative Live? I haven’t looked at them yet. I’m going to tell my photography group about your “Learn to love Photoshop”.

    1. It is a beginners class on Photoshop. I’ve done somewhat similar classes on CreativeLIVE, but they are different recordings and contain different techniques. I mainly wanted to have an introduction class from my own company instead of having to always send people to CL since I’m no longer recording new classes for CL.

    2. Thx for the reply.
      My best wishes for your business venture. I think it will work out really well for you.

  3. Took your classes in Creative Live and was convinced that you are the best teacher of this challenging and amazing piece of software. I am looking forward to learning from you here.

    1. Good to see you here Phillip. I started Masters Academy (something associated with Learn to Love PS) so that I could teach the things that I never get a chance to teach at CL at other places. Hope you enjoy it.

  4. Thank You, I have yet to do the lessons, but this is what many beginners need. a start from the very basics. Most feel so overwhelmed by Photoshop they either never use it again or just learn a couple of things never to delve deeper. Which is me.