26:27 Duration

Instagram Panoramas

In this lesson you’ll see how I slice a panorama into multiple square images so you can swipe through the full width of the panorama on Instagram. I also share a set of Photoshop actions and a print template for Lightroom Classic that makes the process easier.

The index image uses the DIN Condensed typeface. If you don’t have that font loaded, then you should likely download it from Adobe Fonts. As an alternative, you can create a 1080×1080 image and then double-click on the Make text layer step one of the actions. When text appears in the document, change to the font you desire and then click on the underlying layer to finish modifying the action step. You can then hold Option (mac), or Alt (PC) and drag that modified action step to the proper place in each of the other actions and trash the existing step.

Note: The downloads for this lesson have been compressed into a .ZIP archive. You will need to double-click on the file after download before attempting to use the files in Photoshop and Lightroom Classic.