30:46 Duration

Generative Fill Actions

This lesson is more about the downloadable actions than the contents of the video itself. The attached actions will allow you to expand the width or height of an image and fill the newly added space using the Generative Fill feature in the Photoshop Beta. It includes a set of special actions that fill the area using the full resolution of the image instead of being scaled up from a 1024 pixel wide image.

I also talk about how the actions were made. That section will not be covered in the PDF companion guide since the actions are the real purpose of the lesson.

To use the actions that expand the width and height of the image, you’ll first need to install a pattern file that is used within the action. This can be done by choosing Window>Patterns, choosing Import Patterns from the side menu ┬áin the upper right of the panel and then choosing the 1020px Grid.pat file that is included in the downloads for this lesson.