33:30 Duration

Challenge Image: Sunset

See how I worked a challenging sunset image from start to finish and, in the process, learn about features such as the Graduated Filter, Adjustment Brush and the overall workflow I used.

In this lesson I mentioned submitting your challenge sunrise/sunset images. You can do so by first compressing them into a .zip archive (right-click on Mac and choose “compress”) and then uploading via this page: (file size limit 25MB). It would be great if you could also include a text file that includes your name, a mention that it’s OK for me to use the image in a lesson and any description of what you find most challenging about the image(s).

Note: The downloadable practice image has been compressed into a .zip archive. You’ll need to double-click on the file after downloading to extract its contents before attempting to use the image in Photoshop or Lightroom. The image will also default to displaying the “after” version of the image… you can see the original, unadjusted version by clicking the Reset button in the lower right of Lightroom’s Develop module.