36:45 Duration

Challenge Image: Cage Removal

In this lesson I tackle a challenge image that was summited by a member who wanted to remove the bars of a cage that was found behind a bird. The easiest solution was to select the bird and place it on an alternative background. To do so, I first searched my Lightroom Classic image archive for images that contained blurry backgrounds. I show you how this was accomplished without any pre-thought (no keywording or organizing necessary). I then fine-tune the image a bit using Adobe Camera Raw before showing how to select/mask the bird to isolate it from the cage-laden background. I think you’ll learn a lot even if you have no interest in removing cages.

I want to thank Larry for submitting the image and allowing me to use it in a lesson as well as allowing you to download it for practice purposes. To submit your own challenge image, use the Submit Image link that’s found at the bottom of any page on Masters Academy web site.

Note: I mention the position of the \ key in the lesson based on a USA keyboard, in a UK keyboard, the \ is to the left of the Z key.

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