MA_Aug 2022 Updates

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11:49 Duration

August 2022 Photoshop ACR & LRC Updates

This lesson covers the changes Adobe made to Photoshop, Adobe Camera Raw and Lightroom Classic in August of 2022.

If you use Lightroom Classic on a Mac, then be sure to read this page to ensure you don’t run into file permissions issues.

Note: The higher quality of view of 16-bit images and more accurate histograms that was mentioned in the lesson, will only be seen if the Precise previews for 16-bit documents setting is turned on in the Technology Previews section of Photoshop’s preferences.

Visit the following web pages for additional information about the updates:

What’s new in Photoshop

Photoshop Fixed Issues

Photoshop Known Issues

Camera Raw Fixed Issues

What’s new in Lightroom Classic

Lightroom Classic Fixed Issues

Lightroom Classic Known Issues