Using Lightroom to move files and folders

What are the best practices for moving large files and folders. Is there a max number of images or size? LR has permanently lost images when I have tried to move a large file containing several hundred images (ex 2019 images folder). Is it best to use the computer operating system and relink in LR, […]

Color Harmony Picker

I would like an action that will generate a set of color harmonies from the foreground color. Putting these in a swatches group would be great. I am looking for the standard harmonies: complementary, split, analogous, monochrome

Brushes Deep Dive

I would like a deep dive on Brushes and Smudge brushes. I want to understand the nuts and bolts of the brush settings. To know the difference between a regular brush and a smudge brush. How to create and modify brushes and some guidelines as to what works and what doesn’t. How to use creative […]