Update Old Lessons Using LR/PS Current Versions

Some of the lessons from the early days use old versions of PS and LR. These don’t use the latest set of features. The are not wrong but there are now better ways to do things (ex. Masking). Much of what I used to do in PS is now done in LR. It would be […]

Optimize LR Catalog

Could you post the “Long Term Lightroom Catalog Maintenance” from the current LR virtual summit? Or create a similar lesson for MA. This session was really good.

Using Lightroom to move files and folders

What are the best practices for moving large files and folders. Is there a max number of images or size? LR has permanently lost images when I have tried to move a large file containing several hundred images (ex 2019 images folder). Is it best to use the computer operating system and relink in LR, […]

Color Harmony Picker

I would like an action that will generate a set of color harmonies from the foreground color. Putting these in a swatches group would be great. I am looking for the standard harmonies: complementary, split, analogous, monochrome

Brushes Deep Dive

I would like a deep dive on Brushes and Smudge brushes. I want to understand the nuts and bolts of the brush settings. To know the difference between a regular brush and a smudge brush. How to create and modify brushes and some guidelines as to what works and what doesn’t. How to use creative […]