29:36 Duration

Channel Mixer Effects

This lesson includes adjustment presets that will allow you to add unique color effects to your images. You’ll learn how to apply the effects and then limit which areas within your image they can affect. You’ll also learn hot to create your own unique presets so you’re not limited to the ones that come with this lesson.

Note: The Channel Mixer presets file has been compressed into a .ZIP archive. Please double-click the file to expand the contents for attempting to install the presets.


  1. I was able to view by justing clicking on the name video. When I clicked on the video, I was directed to join. Couldn’t find the presets though. The sound and video are not synced.

  2. I had the same issue, but when I click on the link in the email, I was able to access the video. However, it says there are presets that we can download, but I don’t see them with this lesson. Are we getting ahead of you Ben? I always look forward to Monday morning to see what gems you are providing. Don’t mean to rush you.

    1. If you tried real early, then the downloads were not attached to the lesson yet… but by afternoon they were all there.