27:55 Duration

Tourist Removal Composites

In this lesson you’ll learn how to remove tourists from a scene by capturing multiple exposures and then combining┬áthem into a composite image. In the process you’ll learn about features such as Load Files into Photoshop Layers, Layer Masks and Auto-Align Layers as well as some simple retouching techniques. We’ll also discuss how to ensure that your exposure and pro-production adjustments are consistent between all the images you end up combining into a composite.


  1. A couple of years ago I did something similar with a series of photos I took of the iconic lighthouse at Peggy’s Cove in Nova Scotia. The place was overrun with toruists, but I was able to get a clean sot by a combination of something like this lesson, plus having finally to clone out a few folks who just wouldn’t move. The inspiration came from one of Ben’s CreativeLIVE lessons. I need now to go back to those images to see if I could have made my life simpler.

  2. What I do sometimes, is to find a vertical and horizontal point in the viewfinder and line the left and bottom parts of the fame with them. This way I don’t have to stand motionless for several minutes. I just raise the camera to to my eye, reline, and shoot. Also, for shots like this I shoot in total manual mode so I don’t have to remember to press all the lock buttons. Sometimes in tourist locations people will stand in the same area for a long time just talking to one another. So I found this method gives me a reasonable chance. Or I could throw rocks at them to get to move. But that probably isn’t the best idea.