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  1. Gerald Vincent says: on Smoothness of Masks vs Selections

    Hello Ben, A couple of points to add. When there are strong colour/contrast adjustments that are required, 8 bit masks can be definitely susceptible to banding. On one image in which I encountered that I used Topaz Denoise AI on just the affected area and it did a superb job of eliminating visible colour banding. Secondly, with respect to your comments about the excellent Color Range command being 8 bit, if there is a pre-existing mask on the layer that you want to apply the selection to, including simply a blank mask, the Color Range selection won’t first appear as a marching ants selection but will directly apply itself to the mask, including overwriting any existing mask. So, could this mean that it’s working in a 16 bit mode when used in that fashion? Thanks again for the tutorial! Regards, Gerald

  2. Anne Comer says: on What Causes Wonky Colors

    Another great tutorial Ben, thank you. I have a windows 10 PC, when I go to “Save As” in Photoshop there is no check box that says “Embed Color Profile” . I do have a box that is checked that says “ICC Profile – Pro Photo RGB”, is this the same? If it isn’t where do I find “Embed Color Profile” .

    1. Ben Willmore says: on What Causes Wonky Colors

      Same thing. Embed Color Profile really means embed ICC Color Profile, which in your case happens to be Pro Photo RGB, but might be Adobe RGB or sRGB on other images depending on their source.

    2. Anne Comer says: on What Causes Wonky Colors

      Thank you Ben. I learnt so much from the tutorial.

  3. Alison Cawley says: on Color Grading in LR/ACR

    Playing catch up during lockdown V3 here in the UK. This is brilliant.

  4. Stephen Brkich says: on Relighting Neon

    Another great class to start of the New Year. Been with you since the beginning and I still learn something new after each lesson.

  5. Ben Willmore says: on Crazy Retouch-Part 2

    Hi Tony. I don’t know of a method for turning off that second cursor and therefor don’t know how to force it to come back on. You can try resetting your preferences (can be done via a button in one of Photoshop preferences screens). If that doesn’t do it, then I’d suggest posting about this in the members-only Masters Forum Facebook group. There’s a link to the group at the bottom of every page of this web site. Please report back here if you find a solution so it can help others who run into the same issue.

  6. Tony Harrison-Smith says: on Crazy Retouch-Part 2

    Hi Ben, Yes resetting the preferences worked. Thanks